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“In our hearts there burns a fire that burns all veils to their root and foundation. When the veils have been burned away then the heart will understand completely. Ancient love will unfold ever-fresh forms in the heart of the spirit, in the core of the heart”- RUMI 

Hi, my name is Amy and welcome to This Heart Fire! This is a space where love runs free. It is here to inspire you, encourage you to follow your bliss and live a healthy, inspired, soulful life. This Heart Fire is a story of healing and self love, a journey that ignites the flame within. 

I  B E L I E V E:

// Our hearts are smarter than our heads. // Our bodies are master healers when nourished correctly. // Too many people won’t follow their dreams because they think they need to have it all figured out before they do it… there is so much power in following the path first and then see where the journey takes you. //  Self love is the key to life’s happiness // Connecting with spirit and being inspired brings a radiant, abundant life // Honesty is absolutely the best policy // Being present and showing gratitude is the best start to the day// Thoughts shape reality, the power of positive thinking // Life is what we make of it // Once we can overcome fear, transformation will occur.


Things that get me .::: E X C I T E D ::. 

Things that are .::: A B U N D A N T ::. 

Things to give great .::: H A P P I N E S S ::. 

Things that make me feel .::: G R A T I T U D E ::.

Things that make me live a life .::: I N S P I R E D ::.

// Full moons, special moons, big moons, blood moons, blue moons, crescent moons. // Stargazing: the possibilities are infinite. It’s how I dream a little dream and map out my desires // Wanderlust- a life of adventure is  an abundant life// Radiant sunsets: I love how no sunset is ever the same yet they get me every time. // Green juices: spinach, kale, celery, green apple, ginger, tumeric, lemon, water. My morning ritual.  // Exclamation marks: whilst they aren’t grammatically correct.. I overuse a lot!  // Lengthy hugs- if I could hold on forever I would. A sweet embrace is the ultimate.  // My niece Ayla: There is so much beauty in the creation of life. She is so enchanting. // Ocean- there’s nothing quite like the fluidity of movement in water. Water is my definition of zen. It’s my open mind, weight is off, home away from home. When I’m near water, the universe has my back and I know my place.  // Music- letting go and feel the beat roll through me. Talking about the Good vibrations. // Practicing yoga so that one day I can nail poses like Vrschikasana, Scorpion Pose.  // Making a positive change to someone else’s life. Random acts of kindness. Giving freely.  // Reminiscing – it evokes the fondest memories & brings a togetherness like no other // Quotes. Words are very powerful especially the ones that resonate within.  // Yoga/ Meditation/ Detox Retreats- the absolute best holidays are when you can give your body what it needs to heal. // Photography. Moments are best when captured.  // Hairdressing: I’m more passionate about the people than the hair. And that’s my motivation to deliver the best style that not only enhances physical attraction but highlights their individual personalty. // Light shows: shooting stars, fireworks, lasers, lanterns. Anything that illuminates the night sky. // Reiki: Universal life force energy, the greatest life-changing gift. // Diving:  the colours, the underwater world and the space to breathe. 

I  A R R I V E D  H E R E:

From a young age I always felt like I didn’t fit to the mould. I never really felt like I belonged. This might have been an innate feeling or it may have been stemmed from childhood bullying, weight gain or a history of painful physical & mental experiences. My body started to tell me things from a young age.. and it wasn’t until I hit rock bottom at the age of 25 that I no longer could take it anymore. The list of diagnosed illnesses were piling up and initially I took it on the chin. Yep.. I would think to myself well everyone has something these days, maybe this is what life is. Whether it is cancer, inflammatory disease, heart disease, diabetes, polycystic ovaries the list could go on forever.

The first signs were when I got my first period. There was fainting, excess bleeding and abdominal cramps like I had never felt before. My Mum knew straight away that I was a candidate for Endometriosis. Fast forward a few years and I was under the knife for the first time having these growths removed in what was one of the most invasive procedures.

It wasn’t long after that my back started playing up. I had always had niggling pain but nothing quite like the nerve pain and intense spasming that left me motionless for days. A merry-go-round of Doctors, Surgeons, Musculoskeletal Specialists, Physios, Chiros, Accupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Pain Management Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Pshycologists, Auyurvedic Doctors, Macrobiotic Nutritionists . I literally tried EVERYTHING. Multiple scans, blood tests, cortisone injections, local injections, Valium, Panadeine forte, prescribed anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, neural blockers and thousands of dollars later I finally had enough. I was over it. I honestly could have given up then and there. I didn’t understand how these specialists could tell me to just ‘deal with it’. 

I had always been so active and it was becoming all too much to do anything. I was embarking on a new career in Hairdressing and I was doing well, winning competitions, styling at fashion weeks, educating on stage, and building the most loyal client base. I should have been feeling on top of the world, instead I was struck down with horrendous pain that took every ounce of courage and determination to fight. Trying to keep my happy face on and deliver the best possible service to my growing client base was one of the toughest things I had to face every hour of the day.

It took four years of living this life of weekly specialist appointments and intensely searching for a diagnosis. It wasn’t until I met my dream team Pilates instructor & Osteopath that I was encouraged to see a Rheumatologist. More scans and yet another doctors room lead me to a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Hmm Sorry… What’s that you say? AS is another disease in the auto immune family, a progressive, remorseless disease with no cure. It is a form of arthritis that attacks the spine and other joints and over time causes spinal fusion. Not great news no, but to me it was this moment when I felt a little bit of hope.. I didn’t have to search anymore. But I did have to search for a natural way to cure the pain. I was getting bogged down by prescription after prescription. Yes they were great in treating the symptoms but more and more side effects were becoming apparent. Weight gain  and depression were the most prominent and they just hung around like a bad smell. 10kgs heavier.. how the hell did that happen? I turned to dieting, weight loss products.. and a myriad of other things, none of which had any positive effect. It was time to try the alternative route.  

So bit by bit I turned green.. yep I ditched the shit stuff for green juice and I swapped sitting on the couch resting my back for pushing through the pain and moving my body. I reduced my sugar intake and processed foods significantly and my nutribullet, juicer, yoga mat, pilates socks and self-help books became my most favoured possessions. It was overwhelming at first but the results soon paid off. 

I also dawned on the realisation that I had a lot of work to do on my mind after years of battling depression. My negative thinking was getting me nowhere.. and I was becoming a burden to myself and the people closest to me. Learning to love myself and accept who I am is the icing on the cake. This one is a biggy and will be a life long game changer for me. A year later I am (almost) living a life pain free, back to my original weight and I do not take any medication unless absolutely necessary. My twice weekly specialist appointments have become every few months instead you’ll see me on the mat slowly building my strength and roaming around the world adventuring without limitations.

Listening to my heart has influenced one of the biggest changes in my life. I am now on a mission to help others who feel the pull to change. I want to help you ignite your inner flame. I’ve felt it. I’ve been there and I’ve seen the other side. It is so much brighter and it’s yours for the taking.

Thank you for being here. It means the world and I’d love you to be apart of This Heart Fire with me. In this space you will see posts on love, freedom, happiness, truth, community, spirituality & wholeness. From my heart to yours.

So much love,

Amy x

 || love || freedom || happiness || truth || community || spirituality || wholeness ||



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